There’s something about children that brings about the best in everyone. When a child excitedly investigates the world around him/her, probing with questions and roaming fingers, we feel we owe them some answers. Perhaps it reminds us of when we too approached the world with a vigorous appreciation and curiosity.

And perhaps we feel guilty. Guilty that the world in which we live is not the one we want our children to discover. Sometimes we lie. Small, harmless, Easter Bunny / Santa Claus lies. This staves off our guilt while we enjoy a hallucinatory trip back into our own childhood innocence; just playing one last game of pretend. But we do so knowing that someday the fairy tale will be unraveled, pretending that day will never come. At least not today, tomorrow, or the next day.

This escapism soon turns into addiction. We ourselves buy into it. We lose the motivation to shape our world for our children in favor of the illusion our children are growing up in the world that they truly deserve. Our children watch us and emulate us. They repeat our smiles, our laughs, our tears, our arguments, our insults, and our views of the world.

So create the world our children deserve to explore. Treat your fellow human beings with an immutable respect for their original human innocence. Act how you wish your children and everyone else’s children to act. All too often the world we come to know is the world we perpetuate.

Spread seeds of love and respect, that they might germinate in the children of the world and produce the fruitful human relationships that make our brief stay on Earth a divinely inspiring experience.