Life with Music

Around the World in Nice, France


December 2011

Morning Soup

Golden light drips down his chin
He is quite clumsy sometimes and
Loves to drink the sun

Queen of the lavender brush
Dips and swirls in time
The rhythm consumes her

Elbows, mangy cat, damn obnoxious creature
Spills the box of memories on the floor
Too often. He loves to paint, and
Doesn’t know how


How the Earth Birthed Desire

It sleeps in forests
Laced between roots reaching
The tree, and under it
nestled together
The branch, and the wind between
fond breeze caresses
The view, and the voyeur
unseen by each other
All at once
Reaching across, bridging dreams
between life forces
intimately bound together
Reaching inward, star-breath draws heavy
Red circle suns rise in blood
Eclipse moonglow cheeks
Reaching downward,
Fertile ground, fire sparks
Exciting matter, slowly
Prickling each root tip
  Glowing heat-form rising
   Within and without.
Reaching upward, a whisper
licking low branches
climbing sighs like thick smoke
Reaching outward, sprawling
out of control
lost in gasps amid quivers
Trees moaning, bark sheaths melt away.
Rapacious crusade reveals
the insides, free
to burst
blissfully awake

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