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Around the World in Nice, France


March 2012

Occupy Love

First of all thanks for all the love, new subscribers! This is my first time building a community on the internet, and so far it’s sweet.

This is a video of one of my bands, Dabbles in Bloom, playing at the Walla Faces winery in Walla Walla, WA.
The song was written on one fateful night that I couldn’t sleep, and was watching the Occupy Livestream. I called up Adriel (frontman on guitar/vox) and he came over and we (mostly he) wrote this song.
There are a lot of people in this world, in positions of great power, who have lost sight of the real meanings of life – to love, to laugh, and to live – and have become addicted to greed and the feeling of independence and power that comes with excess wealth. While the problem is complex, I think the solution is simple:
If we all treat every human being and every plant and animal we come across with a respect for their inherent worth and dignity as lifeforms on this earth, we can break the cycle of greed and resentment. So love your neighbor, your self, your grocer, your boss, and even your enemies. Flashing a toothy grin to a passing stranger can change their life an yours. Occupy Love!

I hope you dig it. (p.s. more dabbles and a link to buy our album “Found It” on iTunes at our website


Warm (or: The Colony)

The following poem was written early March on an unexpected day of a particularly sunny nature. Photograph found on:       [p.s. I really like feedback, especially critical feedback! Tell me what to work on 🙂 ]


We woke to shaking antennae,

The sunflowers stretching

Winding through slats and glass reflecting

A light unheard of.

Without words we rose

To the the challenge, rolling

Individual spheres of energy

Charged as a thousand ants

Atoms converging, an organic orbit

Crushing blades in hordes

Prancing, trampling in ritual

The death of cold hands, feet

Beneath parting clouds. A return

To our senses on the scorched earth.


Eli wrote an excellent song, and we’ve been rehearsing it a little bit – trying to come up with harmonies and iron out some details. Here’s a video from our first rehearsal of this song – it’s just the chorus to the end (to leave you wanting more!)
Both of us would love to know what you think!
Follow me for more music in the future 😀
[note: when i edited this in adobe premiere pro, it shaved off the top, bottom, left, and right – even though I kept it at 1280/720 in the source and the output. Anyone know how to avoid this resizing?]

Les Trois du Lit

(my guitar, ruben’s alto, aurora’s fiddle)

What Is?

zen is frozen zen is light zen unto no zen imply then you and I zen is right zen we can try zen aware of what zen open eyes zen quiet coarse zen inner discourse zen train to tame force zen waves brain roars then plain zen rains zen droplets fall ten counts in all zen washing daily muddy halls zen light and particles dissolve zen practice harmony resolve

The Onion Pan

Classroom steamy please fire
Delve, the mushroom
Feel it, cumin
Scurry louder chili haste
Slim skillet real deal taste

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