Life with Music

Around the World in Nice, France


January 2013

Billy Brickle Brine

 Singing’s talking from the start. A simple raft would travel far. If floating’s swimming and splashing too, what’s an ocean tween me and you? Let loose that brush, that teal touch and the flick of a scant-clad wrist! In times of change the fools play games and look how happy they can be. Whose turn is it, oh me?
 Oh my, I seem to be a wee bit shy this evening, but see the castle rising behind the tombs, entire worlds inside our rooms. If I am a part of you then zen one and zen two. If you’re a part of me then grace let it be, some kind of crazy anomaly. what’s the difference? perspective is poetry like fishes and dishes. What am I mumbling? Did I mention I’m frequently stumbling but crumbling is scumbling an apple with a pie.
 Flame is one I often seek, it’s often where the clouds meet, or so i’ve heard, so say the birds.  I once had it and it drove me mad I spat it and if you looked right at it scorched yer eyelashes a bit. Fire got mad at the world, at its dad, blew up a building and chaos unfurled. The waters prevailed and showed a blind man how to sail in a dangerous world with pirates and veils. Water’s lost on salty chops as words are lost on salty chaps.
Call me Billy Brickle Brine.


January 9th by the fjord through day nights on their heads spinning

Yesterday my words slipped out I skipped out
on them and went straight to you
Saw you pouring out over the walls into a clean cup.
+ ++ + a secret a secret + + + ++ ++ + + +?
Grim forest makes fir lovely tales, washed
up on a hillside, the hooded man
stopped before revealing him”self” and
Probed for something deeper than a name

“I haven’t really lived my life. DON’T Be afraid to Live Yours!”
“That’s what we’re all doing.” “That’s what brought us here tonight.”
     THUD Tommy is rolling down the hill in front of us like a sideways figure skater

The treasures we brought home were innumerable. Tommy guards the firestone… perhaps he best keep it for now.

Magical Mystery Tour! Van-sanity!
God the imaginations on those tikes!
The redrock riverstone in safekeeping, the backseat trio,
four players and no script. Scramblin our
manatees with chocolate chips.
  We Howled! Howled at the sea, the city, the believers and deceivers. We saw ourselves as seers, or I diid as we veered between reality and creation. Who could see the signs in the cigar lines, or hear the dove trapped in the bush, but us? Surely someone,
some bikers-by, aware of our nonesense
but innocently seeing such saw much less !
I pray that someday I will know the words to relay the magic of yesterday..

“This video will change your life if you let it.” <well, May.>
Lovely tones the mysticshow
fragrant eyeball upside-down rabbit-hole
see in future inclinations shifting You
between inhilations  exhale exaltations 
sit around a jujubi tree, stickin in the thick
of it,

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