The moonlight froths with delight at our meeting. The time “with” feels without thinking and the time “without” is and fuels both. Reservoirs brimming like frat boy dreams in cups, chirping back to the frogs and singing praise to the cool, greeting those who seek. Hello wanderers, drink. When we share there is enough.

The roars of the ocean! “Remember where you came from!”
“Forget where you are going!”

I stand here before you with saltwater dribbling down my chin and kelp between the pearls in my toothful grin. I have sailed, and battled, and rested. I have maps. I’ve torn them to shreds if it fits the mood.

You remind me of the light that brought me here. You unite the land and the sea with each breath, each step, alternating current.

Disruption. Change. Fire. Who cares where it comes from, it’s here baby! The man on the beach, what was his name? Danny doesn’t care if you use his fire while he’s getting beer. The fire consumes the wood the ocean gathered from a tree in Taiwan blown apart by winds from Australia. Smoke churns the way eyes search for direction.

And here, we, the seed, become we, the flower, become we the seed.

What are we? Becoming, Be Going. Be Always Flying Floating
Sifting, Shifting Magic Because.
Simple Whispers Filling Wishers Well
Beyond Their Means. A Far Cry from Home, where
Broken Goes and We Know and All Things Grow

Back to me, toothless and still grinning. I wanted and saw and ate and ate. Lost my chompers to a greedy crow. That’s okay, I can still make soup from the sacred stones we found on the pier. One foot forward, the other the same. Sand cushions steps between places. Remember the time I lost my voice in the wind? Somehow you read my waving arms and knew what to look for. I would have said “take your time” if I could, so I did and that’s when I knew magic.