Two people today

The first is a woman of about 70 years.  (she “has” about 70 years)
She has a rich garden on her sunny-side 3rd floor balcony (the “second” story)
about 30 or 40 feet from mine (~10 meters)

 She visits her garden periodically to eat and water, and when she leaves,
birds approach her plants, and eat something that I cannot see

The pigeons look nice here – a more smooth coat, of very light-grey (almost off-white)
it’s hard to imagine them as pests the way they land and dip their beaks calmly.

Then two cats edge towards the veranda – all at the same moment the birds fly off in a huff

but I can imagine, and in fact I saw it happen, that
one pigeon first spies the cat and identifies the threat
the brain sends a wave of electricity down its body – cell to cell
and all the pigeons’ cells are tuned into this pulse, like a radio to 88.5fm
commanding their own wings to flap before the first bird visibly reacts

 You know how birds all fly together in a flock?

I’ve been reading about the fluidity of their motion; turning angles and weaving shapes simultaneously, in synchrony.

They have a way of navigating simultaneously, imperfectly but reliably,
that scientists and traffic engineers have not yet been able to replicate,

But I have seen some musicians, in groups, weaving their way on a stage
or in a small apartment overlooking the red clay rooftops.

The other woman is a shop owner.  Today I entered the vintage clothing store
and was swiftly whisked back into the past, to that mysterious Value Village scent,

the pulsing odors; not quite cacophony, certainly not order; reminding me
of the delight in low prices, and clothing with meaning

like a beam aimed at my heart
;finding the gem amongst the ruckus, the costumes,

each of those had a story! Each of these was in vogue,
“à la mode” at some point or other.

 [insert economic/marketing perspective on the abundance of expensive, luxury clothing in Nice for contrast]

She was reading Sartre – L’Age de Raison (the age of reason)
which I spied on the table in the center of the small room.

“bon jour”
“bon jour,” as she returned to the table.

I danced around her, breathing in her particular arrangement of vêtements
We spoke briefly as I left, she has keyboard.
“back there?”  (I ask in gestures)
    I hope to hear her play it some jour