Food here is expensive. Clothes here are expensive. Everything here is expensive.

It was nearly impossible to find peanut butter. Apparently that’s just not really a thing here. Devon and I had a friend over for breakfast, and she informed us that our peanut-butter-bananas and hummus-carrots are “quite strange.” 

It’s really fun checking out all these restaurants, and pausing in outdoor cafes between rehearsals is a lovely respite, but it sure does add up in expense. Fortunately, our arrangement with the managers puts us in quite a solid position to afford these luxuries, but I do have some internal tension going on. I’m enjoying it for now, but I think at some point when I’m more acclimated I may scale back on dining out. It’s part of the lifestyle here (at least for our band mates), so we’ll see.

We pay 3.50 euros for a box of tea at the grocery store. That’s about $4.67, Yikes! (But on the other hand, many cafes offer a single tea or coffee for the same price). All of these prices and expenses are relative.

It is quite wonderful that our management agency takes care of our rent and utilities. All I have to worry about while I’m here is feeding myself, drumming, and singing. Morale is high, prospects are good, life is dynamic and every day brings new surprises.

I’m so blessed to be here.