Life with Music

Around the World in Nice, France


July 2014

Midnight Oil

Take that flame
into tomorrow
that guzzling turn
let it down
and bring your lamp
to the forefront
we need more soldiers
planting flowers
and you could ride
those wings to eternity

The CruiseShip Magician

He told me he’d send me aSardinia Ship picture back
after the one I scrawled him,
 of his birth day
crawling out the womb with a magic wand
ready for a crystal castle
He hasn’t written me
but he already drew me a picture
of ways to enthrall an audience
from within the mask
of mirrors


I was playing with an old typewriter

Once t’pop once once the fun pops the the the ggun ggun don’t stopp
the sediment sediment    adequately elegant, excelling ineloquence
inebriated elephants
guessing is a question of an intellect in reference
a fun elating grace.    a sensual place

Tryna get some a that Divine
Space that lets the Shine
align. The star thing thing is
That the quiet

signs, stars
request this
inner venture

That Quartet
missed their cue
reviewed the ball

survived. Tried to shake
shake me wake
took me to sleep
instead, get this:
dream seamstress,

We kissed
on the cheek,
what could b cuter
settled on a restaurant

or located the sky
who took us
somewhere new


  telepathic compliments
and clear lines
todrawfrom Within
                    this layer
                    of the dream
                       an easy light came clean

Driving to the Sun

I guzzled your gas tank
 but wasn’t it fun?
  wasn’t it fun?

The sun will be out soon,
 but isn’t this fun?
  isn’t this fun?

I can’t feel my arm
  but I’m still holding onto you

I think we missed the turn
I think we missed the turn back there
   Dear, I don’t think we missed a thing
   but I might be missin you

That sure was a hell of a ride
You might be missin a hell of a ride


Portrait of a Table

A quaintly shared space
 soft space,

As flowers, as snakes,
  opening, shedding,
seeds and endings
All together in this stew,

Hold me. Like you would a babe.
A guitar. A lamp from Ikea. Toss me

like a wicket, or a skipping stone
the tide rolls on

Sharing Paper

The time is now
connecting with the infinite
and How is our secret
😉 put a wink in ink

if I can etch a hue
if I can do right by my word

That our contact contrast
 or contract in peace

A peer into the glass
  my, I was lost
Taken by a background

Neptune’s Thirst


There is a world of Neptune

the wires crossing
don’t wanna go outside no mo’
but man we can go deep
inside this web
a burning passion throbs
the sound of it, “Knowledge,”
rings, and we run
through it
is a mirror
“Tell me,
What do you want to see?”
He grew cold fingers
He drew cold fingers from his pockets
and grabbed onto the nearest thing
to him. happened to be a
looking glass. Afforded to the lad
by his old lady, by which phrase
i refer to his mother.
It’s how he referred to her, anyhow
Recall that story
when you’re softly sleeping
 red rose
My name’s alice.
I don’t really take too kindly to most men, boys, caterpillars I meet
I write stories and leave them by my feet
Cruel can welcome any kind, mastered by every crook
Sure’s time to expand the book.
New Spells –
where do they come from?
do you
make them up?

Rock Paper Scissors

“The key is in your hand,” said guru.  
    I kept Looking.

-once for god
-twice for me
-and another should
-suffice it three

mind body spirit, sun
feed them all to see The One


What Kind of You are You Awakening?

when I put my walls down, all the walls fall
When I put my walls down, All the Walls Fall

sitting alone I see
my kinda company

A sea of green and tangerine 
A self-reliant farmer scene

These are my teachers
Every body every one

Each tree and designation
A forest of linguistic symbols

Creature me and tender you
will a dove fly gently
Does this bird know home?

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