There is a world of Neptune

the wires crossing
don’t wanna go outside no mo’
but man we can go deep
inside this web
a burning passion throbs
the sound of it, “Knowledge,”
rings, and we run
through it
is a mirror
“Tell me,
What do you want to see?”
He grew cold fingers
He drew cold fingers from his pockets
and grabbed onto the nearest thing
to him. happened to be a
looking glass. Afforded to the lad
by his old lady, by which phrase
i refer to his mother.
It’s how he referred to her, anyhow
Recall that story
when you’re softly sleeping
 red rose
My name’s alice.
I don’t really take too kindly to most men, boys, caterpillars I meet
I write stories and leave them by my feet
Cruel can welcome any kind, mastered by every crook
Sure’s time to expand the book.
New Spells –
where do they come from?
do you
make them up?