Once t’pop once once the fun pops the the the ggun ggun don’t stopp
the sediment sediment    adequately elegant, excelling ineloquence
inebriated elephants
guessing is a question of an intellect in reference
a fun elating grace.    a sensual place

Tryna get some a that Divine
Space that lets the Shine
align. The star thing thing is
That the quiet

signs, stars
request this
inner venture

That Quartet
missed their cue
reviewed the ball

survived. Tried to shake
shake me wake
took me to sleep
instead, get this:
dream seamstress,

We kissed
on the cheek,
what could b cuter
settled on a restaurant

or located the sky
who took us
somewhere new


  telepathic compliments
and clear lines
todrawfrom Within
                    this layer
                    of the dream
                       an easy light came clean