Life with Music

Around the World in Nice, France


August 2014

Who could Stay Still

I leaned in
To the voice inside
And knew that a life serving a community that birthed me
and  I love you, you.
You human you. You amazing intricate conglomeration of neural snaps and blood
It said speak up.
It said contribute
It said “I am beautiful
and You Are Too”
It said listen
It said think
It said nothing
It asked
I said nothing.

“It’s like crack”

That feeling I want to feel again – WOOH rush, head-rush, 
just stood up from a mighty sit – and AWW i’m floating, my thoughts
my sensations are separate, like an after-thought, no
an under thought, and i’m

out the door bursting with ideas,
I catch a breath and the air slows down

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